Monday, July 20, 2009

Soccer and Goonies tour

I missed Robert and Isabelle's first soccer games when I was at girl's camp last week, so I was so glad I could go this week.

Robert and Isabelle's games were at the exact same time at fields right next to each other. So, we had to keep moving the whole time to catch both the games, but it was very fun.

Isabelle scored some goals! (For her team and for the opposing team)

Robert was so much more into it this year than last. It was so fun to see him want to run fast!Later this week Austin pooped in the potty for the first time. I could tell what he was doing and I asked him if he wanted to use the toilet. He said, "No Mom, I'm going poop!"

I took him upstairs anyways, and: success!
On Saturday I told Rob I wanted to go to the coast. He found some fun places to go in Astoria, Oregon where they filmed Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, Short Circuit, and Free Willy. So, we went on a movie tour!This is the house where the boys lived in Goonies. I couldn't believe how popular this location was! Within the 10 minutes we were there, there were about 4 other groups of people who came up to see it as well. I am surprized that after 20 years, this film is still so popular. I still like it!
This is the school where they filmed "Kindergarten Cop". I was impressed that the production crew paid to have these murals painted. They were cool.
They also paid for new playground equipment for the school and put a fence around it. What a boon to the community:)
Next we visited the Astoria column. This was said to be used in Goonies, K-cop, teenaged mutant ninja turtles etc. I don't really remember it. Maybe it was just used for the views. It was awesome! It is definitely a historical landmark.Our kids made it up all 164 steps. It was pretty steep and even I got vertigo. Robert got really scared up there, but the views were fantastic!
This is the house from "Short Circuit". We are all trying to do 5 for "Jonny 5" , the robot in the movie.
We went to the jail in the film Goonies. Here are family is acting very angry and criminal. I was surprized at how tiny the jail was.
Right next the the jail is the Flavel House. It was the place where the dad worked in "Goonies". It was a very fancy old house from one of the old sea captains that lived in Astoria. I loved the architecture!
When we got home Austin and Isabelle went to bed, but Robert, Rob and I all watched "Goonies". What a fun day!


Wendy said...

Totally Fun!!! Thanks for posting the pictures.

Gina said...

That is awesome, I had no idea about those movies. I loved kindergarten cop.

Kim and Tyler said...

I love the Goonies! I want to go there too!

The Boulter Family said...

You guys are so fantastic cool!!! What a fun vacation! That is so neat you went to all the locations films. Astoria Oregon is such a gorgeous area.
I love the idea of having a Goonies tour. Some day I would love to do that! I love Goonies!
Thank you for the beautiful blog background. I admit I feel in love with your new blog background and had to be like you! Such a girl after my own heart!