Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Wow, I guess it has been a while since I wrote.  Anyways, for Father's Day this year, I made Rob breakfast burritos,  got him some shorts and dress shirts, made French Silk Pie and had the kids fill out some forms about him.  I thought their responses were funny, so I will share a few.....

What does Daddy do at work?  -"Read scriptures"
What are his favorite things to eat? "Vegetables"  (If you know Rob well than this is very hilarious)
What is Daddy's hair like?  "Gooey"

How old is Daddy?  "75 years old"
How much does Daddy weigh?  "100 million pounds"

What makes Daddy the best?  "Because me and Daddy are like the same"
How old is Daddy?  "100, I mean 30"

What are Daddy's favorite things to eat?  "Whatever is put in front of him at mealtime"

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RB said...

Those are awesome answers!!! I'll have to do that for Jake when my kids are older. I'm going to have to get your french silk recipe, mine never seems to turn out (I also think I get a little impatient and don't let it set up the whole way :D).