Sunday, December 18, 2011


So, I had to do some preparation to do homeschool in November since we would be in Utah for pretty much the whole month. So, here are some of the activities we did.
For art I had Nan talk to the kids about sculpting.
We studied about some water dinosaurs and fossils, so we made some of our own. We tried to see which material would make the best fossil- sand, clay, or dirt.

Nan had a real fossil very similar to the ones we made.I also wanted to visit the dinosaur museum in Utah for science since we were studying dinosaurs. It just happened to be a plus that my siblings wanted to see the brand new Natural History Museum at the U of U as well.
I have been trying to set up occupation visits for the kids to see what different people do, so they can start thinking about that for themselves. My best friend Wendy's little brother Brad is a pilot. He was so nice to be willing to talk to us about being a pilot and then even take us up in his plane!!I went up in the plane first.Austin was the bravest of the kids. At first, he was the only one who wanted to go up.Rob had a great time with Brad.He took this view from above.

When Austin came back and said how much fun he had, Isabelle got up to courage to go too.I also wanted them to learn more about the Utah pioneers and some of our ancestors. We watched the movie "17 Miracles" and then went to This is the Place monument.

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