Sunday, September 19, 2010

Austin's 1st day of school, farm field trip

I think that it must be hard to be the kid in the middle. I think Austin has been waiting his whole life to do anything that his older siblings have been doing. Now he finally gets to go to school! I thought he looked so cute his first day.
On Friday I (yes me, not the school!) took the kids on a field trip to the Sauvie Island Center. It is an old time farm that has plants the way they looked when the pioneers first came to this area.We got to try a bunch of veggies like tomatoes,flowers, and white carrots. Robert was the only kid who could pull this ginormous carrot out of the ground. He was very proud.The kids learned about compost and got to dig around in the compost pile.
Here Austin found a worm...
Talia liked to play with the weeds.I started a new reward system with the kids to help them to be more responsible. They earned their reward Friday, so we took them to Chuck e Cheese.Talia has been so funny lately. She has been making lots of noises. Some of them actually sound like words! It sounded so much like "Hi Dada" last night, it was so fun! She is SO close to crawling that we get so excited! She also breathes really fast when she gets excited. She is so fun to have around!

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